Digital Access Scanning Solutions

Digitize Your Paper Documents With On-Demand Scanning

On-demand scanning lets you digitize your paper documents, your scanned records are then uploaded to our online system where you can have secure instant digital access to your records as and when needed. We can also upload your digitized records to CDs and discs for safekeeping in our media vault or open file system.

How it works:

  • We provide you with document storage boxes, document batch covers and files to compile and order your paper documents into batches for scanning
  • When you are ready we will collect your packed boxes and transport them to our facilities
  • Your records will then be sorted and scanned in order to create digital copies
  • You will be supplied with access to the digitized documents via disc or our online platform as per your preference

Value added services:

  • Once your physical documents have been scanned you can have them stored in our secure facilities with our open file storage solutions for paper documents
  • We provide safe and secure document and disc destruction services for all your document disposal needs
  • Paper documents can be scanned directly to our Enterprise Document Management System, get a quotation for M-Files today and improve your workflow and productivity
  • Make safe and legal digital records of your content
  • Retain and protect your information with digital storage and indexing
  • Search and retrieve electronic records with instant information access

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